The True Story Of The End

Alessandro Nicoletta is a 33 years old italian musician .

TheTrueStoryOfTheEnd is his solo-project .

It’s a One Man Band : a single musician sings playing bass and snare drum with his feet and the electric guitar with his hands .

Try to imagine the old blues style of John Lee Hooker and Lightnin Hopkins , or the latest RL Burnside and Junior Kimborough , the power of Fugazi , and the sound of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion .

This is TheTrueStoryOfTheEnd : more than The Black keys, crazy like Bob log III ( but without the helmet ) and howling like Howling Wolf .

TheTrueStoryOfTheEnd has played in many places :

Festivals  Downtownmusicfest –Liguria , Italy ; Rip It Up Fest – Graz , Austria ; Balla Coi Cinghiali-Savona, Italy ; Blues and Soul Festival-Sestri Levante , Italy ; Blues For Saharawi-Liguria,Italy ; Blues Fest (Arenzano , Italy ) …

Venues (La Claque-Genova,Italy ; La Locomotiva-Osnago, Italy ; Raindogs-Savona,Italy ; Bloom-Milano, Italy ; the Junkyard-Maitland, NSW ; Lass o Gowrie-Newcastle,NSW ; Jukotopia-Tokyo , Japan ( 3 indie-tour in Japan); Chop-Tokyo , Japan ; Strange Fruit-Seoul , Korea ; Rush-Gangneung , Korea ; Ain’t Nothin But-London , UK ; The Blues Kitchen-London , UK  …

On the road ( Sydney , Byron Bay , Perth , London , Tokyo , Osaka , Santa Cruz , Liguria …)

In november 2015 TheTrueStoryOfTheEnd presents the third new self-produced album : Paradise Lost .

Now TheTrueStoryOfTheEnd is ready for 17 new gigs in Japan and Korea : it’s the No Money No Shoes Tour (december 2015) .



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